What's Upp Athens? Fun for whole Family! By Archaeologous

What's Fun for the Family in Athens? First pick up a 'Athens'Guide'. You can get them at the airport or tourist kisosks. In the back of the magazine are 10%-20% discount coupons. Nothing like saving money, then go spend the savings on the kids. OK, where to go with the whole family? ** National Garden with it's duck ponds, swans, childrens' library, playground, quiet amongst the 7,000 trees, and space for the children to run around. Athens has a Zoo! The Attica Zoological Park with over 2,000 animals and 290 species. Your kids will love the giraffes, bears, dolphins, elephants and more. It's near the airport in the Yalou area. Go to for further info. After a fun time of all the shopping in Monasteraki, take the family to Heliaia at 11 Adrianou Street (have great homemade Greek dishes and show off to your kids that Socrates once taught near there. Remember that if you have time, a day at one of the gorgeous Athens beaches is great. Maybe  Konstandinidis Pastry shop for sweets handed down for 100 years. (near Syntagma Sq at 98 Syngrou). Who says children can't love museums? There's the Museum of Greek Childrens' Art (created by 5-14 yr olds). One of the few worldwide! 

If you are in Athens for a few days maybe a good old fashion amusement park, Allou! Fun Park is the ticket.  The largest in Greece and with the fun, food, rides, and games=a perfect get away from history. If the kids are older then give the 'Athens by Bike'  bike tour a go. It's rated #1 outdoor activity in Athens so give it a try.  Feet tired? think about the hop on and off open air bus tours (audio earphones with many languages). More than 40 stops ... Be comfortable and the kids love being on top of the bus.  There is so much. Enjoy.  Give us a call if you need some more ideas.                     

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