Acropolis Museum and Entry 'digs' by Archaeologous

You get more than a museum experience when going to the Acropolis Museum in Athens. The design 'honor' was won by NY based architect, Bernard Tschumi in collaboration with Greek architect Michaeli Photiadis. From inside the museum, not only can you view the Acropolis perched on the 'sacred hill' only 300 meters away, but  you can take photos (no falsh) of the many archaeological treasures taken from the Acropolis.

You also can experience what life was like in the past. The museum brilliantly designed so that as you walk towards the museum entrance you are actually walking over see-through Plexiglas with the ancient neighborhood below you. This 4,000 meter ancient neighborhood is excavated and preserved all around the Acropolis Museum.  The aim is to have it open for the 10th anniversary of the museum this summer 2019. So then you will be able to walk amongst the clearly visible bath houses, shops, houses with their dining rooms, courtyards, cistern and mosaic designs dating back from the 5th century BC. to the 13th century when it was abandoned. Nothing like  experiencing it all, the treasure from the 'golden age' inside the museum and the everyday life of the citizens outside the museum. Over 45,000 artifacts have been saved from the excavation!!

Make sure you put the Acropolis Museum in your Athens itinerary this summer of 2019.

Note: Ramps, digital applications, lighting effects are designed for the overall ease of the public. 

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