5 Best things About Greece by Archaeologous

 The beaches: Everyone says the color of the water in Greece is different than any other place.  Come see for yourself. If you are a beach baby there are 100s of Greek islands surrounded by water and thus many many beaches, so just pack light, have a favorite book, a hat, and you're set.

 The Romance: The full moon over the Parthenon, the sunsets at Oia on Santorini, the idyllic summer balmy weather, the lazing in the sun on the beach all day and dancing and dining all night leads to romance.  Greece has it in spades.....

 The Food: .We at Archaeologous have officially decided that it is impossible to get bad food in Greece. This is where your tour guides will be a big help.  

  The Shopping: Yep, bring money and suitcases that have extra space for what you purchase. You will 'love' the shopping in Greece. Be it hand made leather sandals, ancient jewelry, Byzantine icons, Greek bags, olive products +++... It's here! 

 The History: Some of the most  gorgeous art  ever produced in the world can be seen at the Athens Archaeological Museum (Goddess Athena) 

 The Combinations: Legendary Lindos Acropolis on Rhodes.... Both history and Blue Flag beach all in one location! Take advantage of Greek perfect summer weather. Whether a one day tour or multiple days in Greece, we at Archaeologous are standing by to assist.