Istanbul Young People in Turkey by Archaeologous

 Istanbul ---Young People in Turkey

 As the crisis is rising internationally of our youth being out of work as they leave college, it is uplifting to know that an association is giving its support for the Young Success Education Foundation (GBEV) in Turkey.

 They have about 400 teachers and 5,000 students collaborating in the project. The program started by the TSPAKB, the Association of Capital Market Intermediaries Institutions of Turkey, is set up to be conducted with 200 participating high schools in Istanbul without differentiating between state-owned,  private and/or vocational schools.   

 The aim:  To inspire, increase financial literacy, support future investors, and to create entrepreneurial awareness in the young people. Also, assistance will be given to help them find and/or create jobs. Turkey's average age is 19. They are a young vibrant energetic country and the future depends on educating these young people

Target areas: There will be hands on learning aiming to instruct students on  how to set up, run and close a business. It is a wonderful chance for young people to develop insight concerning financial issues, business administration, and hone their entrepreneurial skills without the “pitfalls of reality”. As a bonus the students and teachers, at the participating schools, will have the chance to partake in the European student Trade Fairs and competitions organized by the European Youth success Organization.

 According to a recent press release, TSPAKB’s young Success education foundation (GBEV) has signed a protocol with the Istanbul Provincial directorate of Education.

Young people are our future