Visas for Turkey vacation-Info by Archaeologous

Will you need a visa to visit or vacation in Turkey? US citizens must have a visa to enter Turkey. These visas are valid  for three months.

   These can be obtained upon entry into Turkey at the customs office or prior to your departure from one of the five Turkish Consulates in the USA.  Any business visa must be issued, however, prior to departure to Turkey by a Turkish consular office.

If you plan to vacation for an extended period in Turkey, doing research, study, or for employment your visa must be obtained in advance.  Non- US citizens must apply for tourist or business visas “before” traveling to Turkey.   You can check with for further info. 

If you are arriving by cruise ship,  to one of the major ports:  Istanbul, Izmir, Kusadasi, Cesme, Antalya and Marmaris, it will be easy to obtain a visa at the customs entry point.  If you are looking for a complete list of cruise lines sailing to turkey just contact the Turkish Government Tourism Office in Washington DC.

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