Holidays in Turkey by Archaeologous

What is it about the holidays that brings on such warm feelings.  This year perhaps it is that the year saw so much unrest in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and more, or maybe it's the ancient and modern hype of the "coming to the end of the world" in 2012, or maybe as one gets older, more appreciation of friends and reflection takes place (showing my age).  Whatever it was, this year's holiday season seemed different.

I was in Turkey for my holiday vacation and am happy to report that it was wonderful to witness the majority of Muslims, and the minorities of Christians and Jewish people all blending with services being held in mosques, synagogues, and churches.

Even a Santa Claus was handing out candies to passing by children. Bit of the western mentality slipping in there I would imagine.

It's always great when traveling to new places and cultures to see the learn of the different, and yet many of the same, commonalities. While in Germany  presents are opened on Christmas Eve and in the United States on Christmas Day and in Turkey a present is opened on New Year's Eve.  Outside the street are adorned with beautiful lights to celebrate the New Year.

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