Europes' NEW rising Star-Turkey by Archaeologous

  1. Europe's NEW Star- Turkey- has risen   

    Been doing some reading lately and it looks like with its young population of more than 72 million, a booming economy and a fast growing domestic market Turkey is standing out as an enterprising rising star being the "gateway" between Europe and the Middle East. 

    Turkey became an E.U. candidate in 1999 and has since been on a fast track, focused and implementing many significant reforms.  This dynamic industrious country recorded the "highest growth" in Europe last year and has an abundance of opportunities for new investors. As the CEO of HSBC Bank, Martin Spurling, says, "I think Turkey is undersold and I have been pleasantly surprised. This is an economy that has emerged and their growth is consistently around the 5-6% mark. There is a world-class banking service in Turkey and the technology and sophistication are extremely high.  You can even buy and sell mutual funds from the ATMs and the availability of products and services is second to none.. There is huge potential for us to bring international expertise and customers to Turkey, but I'm also finding we can take Turkey to the world. "