Archaeologous offers Easy Turkish words to learn

Let's say you're on a Mediterranean cruise and you dock in one of  Turkeys' ports, the Port of Istanbul, Port of Kusadasi or Port of Izmir..... It's fun to be able to "stumble through a few words or phrases while in a foreign country, even while just on a day tour. The local people really love that you try (even if you don't nail the pronunciation).  So here are a few words/phrases to help you out compliments of

March -- Mart- pronounced (Mahrt), April --Nisan (nee-SAHN), May-- Mayis (mahYUSS)

June--Haziran (HAH-zee-RAHN), July--Temmuz (teh-MOOZ)August --Augustos (AH-oo-STOHSS)

September---Eylul (ehy-LEWL), October --Ekim (Eh-KIM)

November---Kaasim (Kah-SUHM, December--Aralik (AH-rah-LUHK)

straight---dogru-(doh-ROO), here/there/over-burada (BOO-rah-dah)

near/far---yakin/uzak (yah-KUHN/oo/ZAHK)

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