Vacationing in Turkey…why people love it. by Archaeologous

~Vacationing in Turkey and why people love it~  Article by Archaeologous

Turkey was not on my radar 6 years ago. I was content with my trips to Italy, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, ++ but then, an invite by my in-laws to meet them for their anniversary in Istanbul.  We got there and had 3 days of exploring “our” way before meeting up with them. It was Ramadan month so we experienced the “cliff notes version” of learning about the people, food, culture, music, clothing etc.

I’m not alone in my respect and admiration for Turkey. There was nearly 2.8 million Brits vacationing in Turkey in 2011 and the Russians have made Turkey their new summer “home”. A mixture of the hipness of Italy, the modern young face of change, the roots and wisdom of the proud history, with both Mediterranean , Aegean and Black Sea coastlines. If you want absolute mega history, 600 year old shopping “mall” bazaar experiences, food that is a gourmets’ delight, palaces and harems, being in the footsteps of people like Mother Mary, Alexander the Great, St John, Cleopatra, Nero, King Midas+++, and to see ‘all’ Seven of the Churches of the Apocalypse, then, Turkey is your place.

The country itself is more like a continent than a country based on it’s sheer diversity. Absolutely, you will feel like you must return for a longer vacation. Yes, Turkey, it’s people and unique beauty grows on you.

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