Turkey is loaded with religious historical places by Archaeologous

If you’re interested in the religious history of Christianity, I highly suggest a trip/vacation in Turkey. Don’t know why I didn’t put 2 and 2 together when reading the bible. I’m not a bible student but after traveling so many times in Turkey, more and more comes alive as one is walking in exactly the places mentioned n the Bible. History seemingly is in every town you pass or visit. .

Turkey’s Cappadocia is a world class travel destination now with its unworldly rock structures jutting up from the plains. Presently there are many “rotels” (hotels carved inside the huge rock structures. In historic days  amazing pastel-painted underground churches were cut from the soft tufa rock. This is where the first Christians hid from marauding Romans.

South of where Turkey meets Iran, is Upper Mesopotamia, where the great Tigris and Euphrates rivers rise is Urfa  where, by legend,  Abraham was born and Job learned his patience. In Mardin, people speak Aramaic, just as Jesus did, and if you carry on west to the Mediterranean, you end up in ancient Antioch and Tarsus, where St Paul was born.

Turkey's coastlines are beautiful with the turquoise waters many having won the Blue Flag awards. As you follow the Aegean north, there's Ephesus,  the ancient world’s gathering place of the rich and famous.  Everyone came to Ephesus to bring monetary tribute to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This is where the vendors selling idols to the crowds to worship Artemis were scolded by St John. Today you can see the remnants of St John’s Basilica. Also, close-by, up a lovely hillside drive, is  "Meryem Ev" where Mother Mary is said to have spent her last days. Today there is a retreat called the House of Mother Mary, a must see/experience.

On this Anatolia (western coastline of Turkey) is where (all seven) of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse are located. You can plan a holiday week exploring these amazing Biblical footsteps. As Archaeologous offers customized tours as well as pre-set, we are happy to assist with any of your ideas.

St John speaking to the crowds of idol worshippers in Ephesus. See Ephesus today with Archaeologous, tour specialists
Map of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse located in western Turkey. Create a customized tour with Archaeologous
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