About the favorites of Rhodes tour-article by Archaeologous

Favorites of Rhodes tour - article by Archaeologous

Rhodes, the largest of the “Dodecanese” (dodeca=12 and nese=islands) in Greece is a hot spot for Mediterranean cruisers and European travelers.  It’s definitely been on the international lists of preferred destinations for vacationers for many decades. Usually it is recommended to have a tour guide for at least one or two days to get the lay of the land then you can explore by yourselves. You’ll have great places to shop, eat, and go to the favorite sightseeing spots that span 3,000 years in your vacation in Rhodes.

If you’ve always wanted to be in a Medieval castle, Rhodes has it. As a matter of fact, it has a whole Medieval City, still lived and worked in by the shared community of Christians and Muslims and all the races on earth.

Tour suggestions: Take a walk inside the walls of the Medieval city where you will be transported back in time amidst buildings with the Knights of St John “coat of arms” on the doorways, decorated sidewalks and roads with artistic white pebble artwork, the Grand palace, and the Archaeological Museum housed in the Knights Hospital built in 1440. The northern area known as the Collachium has a main road cutting through it and is perhaps the best preserved medieval road in Europe.

There are signs of cultural blending and integration everywhere from the Jewish square  to the mosque built in honor of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Turk that conquered Rhodes.  Looking at the massive walls, arched entrance ways, one comes away in awe and wonder about who were these Knights of St John that created all this.

Rhodes, with its 42 villages, has so much to offer the visitor. Whether you have only one day on a Mediterranean cruise or are enjoying a longer week or more stay, Rhodes is like a book you won’t want to put down. The island is lush and in one drive you will see forests, gorgeous beaches, dry riverbeds, mountains, waterfalls, a Butterfly Valley, free wandering peacocks, ancient legendary cities, blue flag waters….and that is just some of what Rhodes offers. I’m overwhelmed thinking of all there is and how short this article has to be.

A trip to Rhodes is not complete unless you go the Lindos Acropolis and ancient village. A real highlight on anyone’s vacation. Again, you will be in awe of the Knights of St John that built  the walls to protect the cliff top acropolis.  A trip to the Butterfly Valley is enchanting.  A place for the whole family to enjoy the wooden walkways meandering up the hill (following the path of streams and waterfalls) with butterflies escorting you. During the summer months, you not only stay cool, you get Kodak moment photos and end up at the ancient church with a panoramic view of Rhodes. There is the Kalamonica Cave where traces of people from the Neolithic Age have been found. Archangelos for the famed Rhodes pottery techniques, Byzantine castle and church of Archangel Michael with its 600 year old belfry. Prasonisi, on the easternmost parts is a heaven for surfers. Filerimos with it’s retreat calmness, peacocks and anient temple and Byzantine church. Yet another castle at the village of Kritinia (small Crete). There is even a water park in Faliraki for kids aged 7-77.  If you like spas, (this one is not open for massage) then Kalithea with it’s beach and  gorgous sea side refurbished Italian spa building is worth checking out.

Rhodes has an amazing amount of beautiful beaches. Try the Blue Flag Lindos beach, or the gorgeous Anthony Quinn’s (the actor) beaches, St John’s beach where you lay in the sand and look up at the Lindos Acropolis. If you want to get pregnant then go to the Tsabika beach, and climb the challenging pathway to the church. Legend has it if you do this you will have ease of getting pregnant. The many people now named Tsabika prove it. Agathi beach is you can play beach tennis and enjoy eggs at the canteena or  Kiotari where there are water sports and Afandou a beautiful sandy family beach.

You’ll have a great day or week vacation in Rhodes, guaranteed.

One of the gorgeous Rhodes beaches on guided tour with
What an experience, to walk amongst ancient history at the Lindos Acropolis. Day tours with Archaeologous
Anthony Quinn's (actor) gorgous beach area. Seen on tour with Archaeologous.