TripAdvisor comments about tours

TripAdvisor comments about tours- guides-services in Turkey and Greece

It’s always wonderful for our Archaeologous private guides to hear compliments and get the tips they deserve. After all, professional guides are highly educated, great speakers, entertaining, charming, thoughtful and usually pretty cool with knowing the ins and outs of their particular cities. Did you know that they are trained for at least four years in their country’s history of: religion, architecture, archaeology, myths, art & much more?  Many of our Archaeologous guides even hold post graduate degrees.

Since our company has experience, compassion, great guides, new vehicles, and the true determination to give great service we receive many compliments. We joined TripAdvisor and so now there is a platform for the travel community, to hear what is told to our guides and Archaeologous staff on a daily basis from our tour guests.

I thought I’d relay some of the TripAdvisor vacationers’ writings of the ”five star of excellence”  that Archaeologous -Private Tours -service gives.. For full tributes/reviews go to:

TripAdvisor-Archaeologous Private Tours-- “”On our Mediterranean cruise we were going to the ports of Kusadasi and Istanbul in Turkey and found Archaeologous Private Tours when we searched for "Top Private Tours in Kusadasi". Our private group of 10 were extremely happy with our choice of It was everything that you advertised and that we had read in TripAdvisor reviews…..” BigH345, Cayman Islands

TripAdvisor-Archaeologous Private Tours- ”” I normally don't take the time to write reviews of anything, but our private cruise shore excursion with your company, was really worth a public acknowledgement”” Vicky C. Germany

TripAdvisor-Archaeologous Private Tours-- “”I've been on a few private tours at various places around the world (New Orleans, Bahamas, Mexico, Chile), but the trip to Ephesus and Kusadasi was easily the best. First, the website was very user-friendly and made it easy to book the tour most intriguing to me…””Augustin S. Calif. USA 

TripAdvisor-Archaologous Private Tours--””We waited 20 years to take our Mediterranean Cruise for our anniversary, but we did it! You can imagine our nervousness that everything would go well in each port where we had booked private guided day tours. Thankfully we were blessed to find you! “”Shelly A. Hawaii

TripAdvisor-Archaeologous Private Tours—“” I had to organize a 4-day tour of Istanbul for a group of around 30 persons. Of course on the net there are so many tour-operators, it is very difficult to find its way around. While looking at the different webpages, I came around Archaeologous. I immediately loved their web-page and especially the transparency of their pricing. In fact they quote you the price of the guide + vehicle. You can then add the sights that you want. On their webpage you can "tailor-make" your stay in Istanbul. I think that their prices are very competitive and their service is outstanding. I would definitely recommend Archaeologous - they are a small, local company and I think that is what makes them special.”” Zetti, Italy

TripAdvisor-Archaeologous Private Tours-- “”We arrived on the Royal Carribean and went with a company called for a full day tour of the area - Honestly - the best tour we had on our entire trip…….”” Tamara K,  United Kingdom

TripAdvisor-Archaeologous Private Tours-“”After retirement this year we started looking at our “Bucket List” of things we had always wanted to do but never had the combination of time & money. We are not typically “tour group people” because we prefer to set our own schedule and pace After some long Internet searching I came across I was somewhat apprehensive about jumping into booking a private tour in a foreign country I knew nothing about, especially reading about all the turmoil in Europe, but those concerns were quickly dispelled by the excellent communication I received after the initial contact. I booked both tours (receiving the multiple port discount) and crossed my fingers all would go well. Upon arrival at the first port to start our tour until ending the final tour on the last port the experience was excellent. ..without any hesitation I will book again with Archaeologous. You will not be disappointed utilizing their services since I believe personalization is extremely important. “” Ralph D. USA

TripAdvisor-Archaeologous Private Tours-- “”On the advice of a friend who uses Tripadvisor a lot and is familiar with Greece and Turkey, I booked a tour of Istanbul on Archaeologous (hard to find due to the spelling: a - e - o !!). I can recommend them to anyone wanting a well-organized, punctual, reliable, experienced service to guide them through Istanbul -- enlightening and great fun besides“” Guilia France

TripAdvisor-Archaeologous Private Tours—“”Talk about a great day!! Istanbul was everything I had read about and lots more due to our private guided tour with your company, Our guide was amazing in her presence, pride, and knowledge of her city. So far it's been the best port on our

Mediterranean cruise. We'd use your company again and will recommend it to our friends.”” Bob P.  Calif. USA.

TIP:   Almost everyone is trying to save money when searching for the best and most rewarding day tours.  Not brushing economic factors aside, touring with or without a guide is one of those activities that clearly produce a major difference in quality. Having a guide on your tour is similar to walking into a pitch dark room and then turning on the lights. Only the licensed guides can go into the historical locations. So you usually would not have a glowing educational experience and come away with some valuable knowledge and understanding of where you are visiting without one.