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BEST of the most popular tours in Corinth by Archaeologous

A trip to Athens Greece is wonderful if you have only one day in Greece perhaps on a Mediterranean cruise. However, if you have an “extended” vacation in Greece, then by all means get yourself to the site of Corinth. From Athens, it’s  a lovely 1 ½ hour scenic coastal bus ride past Greek countryside and lakes. The first favorite sightseeing spot is the Corinth Canal, known as an “engineering marvel”.  Any engineers in the group will marvel at the 2000 year time period it took to accomplish this wonder of creativity and determination. Upon reaching the “village like” modern Corinth, you will be another 15 minutes from “Ancient Corinth. Here there is a wonderful indoor/outdoor museum with and impressive and beautiful exhibits of artwork from antiquity.

If you 've hired one of our personal guides for your trip, they usually are educating and answering questions during the ride and of course, they are with you showcasing the ancient spots in the prosperous ancient city of Corinth . Note:  Julius Caesar founded Corinth as the capital of Rome in 44 BC. You'll learn that Corinth was a leading economic and political center due to its fortunate location. It’s grand history of habitation dates back to 5,000 B.C .  Plus, you will be walking in the footsteps of Apostle Paul, Alexander the Great, his father Phillip II of Macedonia, Julius Caesar, and Emperor Nero, +++

The Corinth Museum and Ancient Corinth include many artifacts showing the wealth of the ancient city. you will visit the 6th century BC Doric Temple of Apollo, one of Corinth's major landmarks,, the remains of a Roman city, the Agora (market place), the Theater, the Odium, the Acropolis of Corinth or “Acrocorinth”, still packed with remains of chapels, a fortified Medieval Castle, ruins of an Ancient Temple of Aphrodite, and mosques and also, countless examples of antiquity such as the Fountain of Priene. Here you may enjoy the ancient past plus the incredible views of the modern day Saronic Gulf.

All in all a wonderful choice for a Greek vacation.Happy Travels.

Surprising gorgeous 22' statue in Corinth Museum
Great ruins in Corinth right outside the Corinth Museum