Interesting Biblical Facts about Ephesus from Archaeologous

See why Bible students are thrilled to be on our Archaeologous Biblical tour that takes in the ancient city of Ephesus. The history packed Ephesus is a must see if you want to walk in the footsteps of the Ephesians, Mother Mary, Apostle John, St. Paul and more. You private guide will be invaluable while you are here with us in Turkey. Remember all 7 churches of the Apocalypse are also here in Turkey. Epheus has  many biblical references mentioned in the Bible.  Let us educate you on this and much more when you come to do a Biblical tour near Kusadasi/Ephesus on your vacation.


~~ that Christians would identify themselves to one another with the sign of the fish which  is "iktus" in Greek and Christians used the sign of the fish as a short hand for a phrase in which each word represented one letter of iktus ‘Jesus Christ God's Son Savior’ ?

~~ that shortly before his death, Jesus entrusted his mother to the care of the "Beloved Disciple". Christian tradition holds that the "Beloved Disciple" was John. (John 19:26-27

~~ that The Virgin Mary lived her last years of her life in Turkey, here in a small cottage near Ephesus?

~~ that John wrote the Book of Revelations in 96 AD, when he was banished, to the Greek isle of Patmos for being a Christian.  When the Roman emperor Domitian (81-96AD) died John was released and went back to the Asian capital, Ephesus. Here he set up a headquarters for his missionary work. He lived in Ephesus many years and opened over 20 churches. It was in Ephesus that he died of old age. His tomb is in the church that is under the  mosque.

~~ that the first church dedicated to Virgin Mary is in Ephesus?

~~ that arguably, Ephesus was the most important city for Christians at the end of the first century. Jerusalem was in first place, and Rome was growing in influence in the early second century. Yet, not only was Ephesus situated rather in the center of an area in which Christianity was thriving, but also it was the wealthy port city capital of Asia.

~~ that the Virgin Mary’s house in Ephesus has been visited by Pope Paul VI and Pope Jean Paul as well?

~~ that 7 Christians who fled Ephesus are believed to have slept in a cave (The Cave of the Seven Sleepers) near Ephesus for 200 years?

~~ that one of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse, in the Bible's Revelations, was in Ephesus? (Revelation 2:1-7) 

~~ that St. Paul the Apostle was born in Tarsus, in southeast of Turkey, gave lecture in the Tyrannus Hall and the synagogue in Ephesus for two years in his third missionary journey?  (Acts 19:8,9)

~~ that Paul worked in the Square agora (market place) here with Priscilla and Aquila in their tent-making business.

~~ that Acts 19 begins with Apostle Paul’s appearance at Ephesus. First, he laid hands on some disciples who received the Holy Spirit with power (19:1-7). Next, he presented the message of the kingdom of God in the Jewish synagogue, arguing persuasively. But when most of the Jews were closed to Paul’s message, he moved to the lecture hall of Tyrannus, where he continued preaching for two years. T

~~ Paul was accused of hurting the business that was done selling icons of the Goddess Artemis when he spoke about the new religion. It effected the known belief systems as well as the Artemis Temple (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) which took in massive amounts of monies from the populace and traveling dignitaries. So a mob gathered together in the 25,000 capacity Ephesus theatre (Acts 19:23-41).

~~ that the Apostle Paul founded the church there and placed Timothy as pastor. In Acts 19:17-20 the converts burned a large about of their magic scrolls. These were books and amulets and talismans for success and against evil namely from the goddess Dianna.

~~ that the Third Ecumenical Council convened in the Church of the Virgin Mary? The same church is also known as one of the seven churches of the Apocalypse?

~~ that under Roman rule Ephesus became the capital of not only Ionia but of all of Asia. It had the title of "The first and greatest metropolis of Asia," so it is logical that the headquarters of Christianity would move from Jerusalem to Ephesus. The bishop of Ephesus in later times was president of the Asiatic dioceses with all the rights and privileges of a patriarch.

Seen on private tour of the House of Mother Mary
Ephesus on main road. Ancient home to 200,000 people
Ephesus Theatre held 25,000 patrons